Vision measure test

Type of research

  • Analysis of the quality of the micrometric measure of a machine vision system, with variations of the pieces, the illumination and the vision field.

Obtained results

  • The results obtained were satisfactory even taking into account that the non-telecentric optic introduces distortions in the acquired image.
  • The results are an average errors of 1.2 microns for small vision fields and 2 microns for wider fields, and a maximum error of 6 microns on a field of 20mm, still well below the ISO precision of the camera.
  • The measurement capability was analyzed by testing the tracking capability of a target, with a motion impressed by a micrometric table, controlled, with monodirectional repeatability to 0.2 microns.
  • The vision system has a camera with a resolution of 1296x966px and adopts an algorithm that extends the resolution in a virtual mode, the optics is megapixel, non-telecentric.
  • The sizes of the vision fields tested are 5, 10 and 20mm.
  • Tests were carried out with direct illumination and backlighting.
  • The analized objects are a button, a spiked washer and the head of a pin.
  • In the table are shown the average error (AVG) and the maximum error (MAX) resulted by the test.
  • Time for the analysis: 2 weeks
Test di misura micrometrica
Test di misura micrometrica
Test di misura micrometrica